Saturday, September 29, 2012

Masked Lapwings haven't bred this year either but hope may be around the corner

The breeding season for Masked Lapwings is actually almost over for them, and none of the pairs I have encountered in Tenterfield for the passed 2 months have shown signs of breeding yet. However, as we have had some recent rainfalls this month (3 to be exact), just yesterday I noticed when walking passed 2 Masked Lapwings they were not moving on the ground. I only heard them as I could not clearly see them from a distance. They called out but did not move. This may be a really good sign that they might have finally begun breeding again.

However, nothing is certain right now. How long the rain actually lasts for is uncertain. How long these birds will be determined to raise a family is another story, as they might abandon their breeding cycle should the rain cease again.

More Masked Lapwing birds have moved out of Tenterfield in the last 12 months. No new breeding pairs have moved into the area either. With very small numbers of these birds in Tenterfield the possibility of this being the next species to move out of town is almost certain, if the drought continues.

I don't know the exact Masked Lapwing numbers for Tenterfield but I'm guessing it is less than 10 breeding pairs now. In all my travels around Tenterfield I have only ever seen, in the last 12 months, at most 3 breeding pairs, and they all are in the south-west area of Tenterfield. This species is becoming "uncommon" in Tenterfield.

I just hope that the rain returns to Tenterfield.


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