Sunday, January 1, 2012

Videos - Australian King Parrot

VIDEOS - Double-barred Finch

Some videos I took of Double-barred Finches that live in the area.

24 August 2012 - Double-barred Finches sitting on tree branches

VIDEOS - Pied Currawong

Down to the last few Pied Currawongs in Tenterfield now. Here are videos I've managed to take of these remaining birds.

20 August 2012 - Soft sweet call. It wants food.

VIDEOS - Red-browed Finch

Some videos of the local Red-browed Finches that I recorded.

20 August 2012 - Finches within 6 feet of me

Videos - Australian Magpie

VIDEOS - Willy Wagtail

VIDEOS - Superb Fairy Wren

VIDEOS - Restless Flycatcher

VIDEOS - Australian Wood Duck

VIDEOS - Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

VIDEOS - Rainbow Lorikeet

VIDEOS - House Sparrow

My neighbour Carol's place


Carol's place in Winter becomes a dry and somewhat lifeless looking garden, half full of decidious shrubs and trees and contains few winter flowering plants but does not lose it's attractiveness to the bird life. Many, many bird species visit Carol's garden, even during winter.

However, the garden comes alive when some of the bigger trees (Sheoak and Pine) begin to go to seed which attracts many native parrots and cockatoos. Most of the various grasses also go to seed this time of year which attracts the smaller birds to Carol's garden.

Below is a small selection of photos that displays Carol's garden during winter.

View from my place
By the side gate
The mossy path on the west side
The captivating west side garden looking north.

The west side garden looking south.
The front steps

The front garden (north side).
Thick native rose bush in back garden.

Most trees and bushes are covered in lichen.
Another part of the west side garden.

At the base of a gum tree on west side.
Looking up into the canopy of this black barked gum.

The upper canopy of the gum trees west side.
The native rose bush in back yard looking south west.

The Butterfly bush in back yard.
The Jacaranda tree in mid winter.

My place : 3-59 Douglas Street, Tenterfield


During Winter everything looks dead. The grass dies off due to heavy frosts, with the exception of a bit of frost tolerant grass. It is extremely difficult to grow a native garden in the Flats where I live as the gardener cuts everything back to shrub height, and whipper snips around trees and shrubs, often killing delicate natives.

My front yard consists of a Native Plum tree (which now looks like a dead bush) which is decidious, a large Wattle tree (see the first 2 photos), a smaller Wattle tree that had to be uprooted due to the 2011 flood basically making it fall over, some other bushes and a small garden underneath my front windows that have various native plants in them.

Over the years I've had to compensate for the gardeners' destructive and careless behaviour (there have been more than one over the years), by adding large rocks to protect trees from being whipper snipped. However, that did not save the trees and native plants I grew and lost to the gardeners' hands.

Below are images from my garden in Winter 2012.

My front yard
The Wattle tree in bloom
Close up of the Wattle tree's flowers
A dwarf Grevillea that flowers all year round

My place during 2013 from April 2013 onwards, after the new owners chopped everything down:

Videos - Torresian Crow

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