Monday, September 10, 2012

Unidentified black bird with white wing feathers sighted today

Just before I took some photos and a video of some Common Starlings when I was out walking today I saw two birds fly away from a power pole. They were both slightly larger than a Common Starling but as they flew I could see white wing feathers in a circle like shape underneath their wings. The white wing feathers were on the outside part of wings but still underneath the wing itself, and not in the centre of the wing like with a Pied Currawong. At first I thought these birds were White-winged Choughs but they were way too small. White-winged Choughs are as big as Ravens and Crows (about 48cms in length) and have a curved bill so I've researched/learnt.

I believe (?) I got a somewhat blurry photo of one of these birds, as one of them decided to fly back to the power pole.

I thought I was taking a photo of a Starling!

Photo of sunset on previous street before I took
this bird photo.
It would be nice to identify these birds I saw. Notice the white feathers on it's right wing. This was not caused by sunlight as it was close to sunset when this photo was taken and the whole area, including this bird, was in deep shade. The sunset made taking this photo even worse as a lot of sunlight was being blocked by smoke from a bushfire.

Within minutes of the photo of the bird being taken most of the Starlings flew away. I don't know if this other bird was still there as I wasn't really paying that much attention to it.

On the way home I took some other sunset photos as the sun was a deep orange colour and the smoke in front of the sun was a deep pinkish orange colour. Cameras do not do Tenterfield sunsets any justice. Tonight's sunset was gorgeous and breaktaking but smokey as heck. Below are a few more photos of the sunset I took about 8 minutes later.

Enlarging this bird photo doesn't make sense. I think this bird might just be a common starling. The white area of it's wing it too close to it's feet to be a wing, plus it is underneath the tail feathers. I'm just guessing here but the white area could be just something either caught in it's right foot, or it has something in it's right foot. Nesting material?

The two birds I saw first I will try to locate soon to see if they are still in the area of Scott and Miles Street intersection. A lot of Starlings hang around that area all the time.


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