Saturday, September 15, 2012

Exposed garden environments & bird behaviour

In Tenterfield there are various types of flora environments including decidious trees that are exposed to open areas. In my neighbour Carol's garden there is such an exposed environment, and in Winter to early Spring, birds fly into this area and then keep perfectly still so they cannot be detected by anyone or anything.

In this video below I saw a female or juvenile Satin Bowerbird fly straight into this area, hopped around a bit on some lower branches and then stopped moving. The bird went silent and was completely motionless for quite a while after I ended this video. There is one tiny little bird eating the blossom from the flowering tree in the centre of area in which I scanned to locate the Satin Bowerbird in this video. I'm not even sure if I can see the Satin Bowerbird in this video. I've tried but can't locate it. It's in there somewhere.

This is not the first time a medium sized bird simply disappears from your sight when looking into these branches when they are exposed like this. Most of the birds that go in here do the exact same thing - they hide themselves and keep perfectly still.

With other area of Carol's garden it is a lot more open and a lot more exposed than this area. Birds fly around her garden, land in the open or near cover and are quite content to stay there for a while just foraging for food. Just something worth mentioning.

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