Saturday, September 15, 2012

Annual bird sound changes

I have decided to identify and record audio sounds that birds make here in Tenterfield over the course of 12 months. This will be difficult but not impossible. Every other day I video record daily mundane sounds birds make, specifically those bird species that tend to change their calls to match the breeding season and just general sound changes they make if any.

Throughout winter and spring birds make different sounds to what they normally make during the rest of the year, and those sounds usually differ as each day passes. Literally as each day passes I hear new bird sounds. What these new sounds means is anyone's guess but I will endeavour to record them all and will eventually have a large collection of all the sounds each species makes throughout the course of 12 months.

Currently I have started restructuring the bird sound post pages differently and the end result will be: I will place all the sounds recorded for an entire year of one bird species on one single page. Each new recording will be in a link format, which when clicked on, will display in the media player popout on that page.

I am starting this off with the sounds I have recorded of the Eastern Rosella.


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