Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Crimson Rosella Platycercus elegans

Photo taken by Eleesha Hardy, © September 2012
Crimson Rosellas used to inhabit Tenterfield many years back but moved out about 4 - 6 years ago due to the drought. They have only begun to return to Tenterfield in the last 2 - 6 weeks despite the drought continuing here. Recently, one pair of Crimson Rosellas have so far been sighted in town, in the south-west area.

They are easily recognisable as the only bird that is almost entirely red and blue in colour, with blue cheeks, and black on their back and tail feathers.

These birds are between 32 - 36cms in length and mainly eat seeds from grasses, eucalypt trees and shrubs, as well as some insects.

There have been no recorded sightings of cross breeding with other rosella species in the Tenterfield area of these birds. Crimson Rosellas in other parts of the country have and are cross breeding with Eastern Rosellas and Pale-headed Rosellas. The pure bred Crimson Rosellas are what you will see in Tenterfield and they prefer to hang around their own kind but will tolerate Eastern Rosellas as well as Australian King Parrots if in close proximity to them.


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