Friday, September 14, 2012

Return of a Pacific Koel to Tenterfield today

For most of today I heard the Red Wattlebird call out. Then around 3 or 4pm the Red Wattlebird went quite and was replaced by the calls of a Pacific Koel that was last heard in Tenterfield about the first week of July this year. Apparently Pacific Koels head north for Winter (often going overseas) and come back to Australia in late September early October of each year to breed.

It is undecided just yet as to whether the Pacific Koel I heard today is the same one that inhabits Tenterfield's south-west urbanised area or not. If it is still here tomorrow and in the following days to come is a whole different story. It could just be passing through as it rests for a while here.

UPDATE: 2 OCTOBER 2012 - The Pacific Koel was not heard from again after I took this audio recording. It has moved on. Whether any Pacific Koels return to Tenterfield at all this year I cannot be certain right now.


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