Saturday, August 4, 2012

Restless Flycatcher Myiagra inquieta

Restless Flycatcher - I did not take this photo.
Whilst visiting a neighbour one day last month, my daughter, my neighbour and I were standing near a tree. There were a few birds in the bushes by the Tenterfield creek but not in our immediate area. Then suddenly this bird flew into the tree and started singing and then flittering around whilst catching insects from the ground.

At first I thought this bird was a Willy Wagtail but looking closer at it, the bird was slightly bigger, longer, wider and slightly fatter than a Willy Wagtail. It actually looks like a Willy Wagtail on growth steroids at first glance.

I've actually been confused about this bird, as I have heard it's call before but had never seen it up close. I have a few videos of it's calls near my place but the audio is a bit disappointing. When it really starts singing it sounds like a Whipper Snipper machine.

When this video was taken I saw a second Restless Flycatcher, which was identical looking to this bird just smaller in size and was not getting as close to us humans as this bird did in the video.


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