Friday, August 17, 2012

Rainbow Lorikeet Trichoglossus haematodus

All of the Rainbow Lorikeets moved out of Tenterfield about 6 years ago due to the drought worsening. These birds are a very aggressive species and do not share food with any other bird species. They will chase away any bird that wants the same food as it is eating.

Whilst at my neighbour Carol's place two Rainbow Lorikeets showed up and aggressively took over the bird feeder. In Video 2, the local Satin Bowerbird took an aggressive disliking to them and tried unsuccessfully to chase them away. Video 1 and 2 were taken about 3/4 an hour apart on the 14th August 2012, around 5pm. These videos may be the only recent video recordings of the now non-existent Rainbow Lorikeets of Tenterfield.

Video 2

Video 1

Footnote: 20 August 2012 - This pair of Rainbow Lorikeets have only been sighted once since these videos were taken. They have not returned since. I am guessing they were just passing through and were having a rest for a few days before they moved on again.

UPDATE: 2 OCTOBER 2012 - This pair of Rainbow Lorikeets tend to disappear for about 3-4 days then come back again. These two individual birds are the only Rainbow Lorikeets I have thus far seen in Tenterfield. Both appear to be adult birds and possibly a breeding pair.


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