Sunday, August 19, 2012

An unidentified grey coloured bird NOW IDENTIFIED

Yesterday when I was at my neighbour Carol's place, just after video taping the Red-browed Finches, this little bird hopped across the front lawn. At first it looked like a big fat House Sparrow but House Sparrows don't grow as big as this bird. It was an unusual sighting because I did not see any other birds like it around before or after this video was taken. Whatever this bird is, it may be a juvenile or a young female. I did see flashes of brown on the bird, mostly on it's back but apart from that it looked mostly several tones of grey coloured.

This bird seemed to be about 1/2 to 2 times as large as a House Sparrow. I never saw it fly nor did I hear it make a sound. It hopped slowly, pausing to check the ground for insects. I only saw it on the ground until it disappeared into the large bush at the end of the video below. As you can see in the video the bird spent most of it's time in the shadowy area on the lawn, making it next to impossible to identify it. I could not get a photo of this bird, as by the time I finished video recording it the bird was not spotted again and was well hidden in a bush's undergrowth.

Footnote - 31 OCTOBER 2012: Having thought about this bird, and birds in general for some time now, I believe this particular bird is a juvenile Grey Shrike-thrush. Juvenile birds that leave home do not usually hang around the same area as where their parents are. This explains why I only ever saw one of this species initially. This also explains another sighting of a bird which I thought might have been a Jacky Winter. Grey Shrike-thrush juveniles start out being two toned grey in colour and then develop the brown colourations as they begin to mature. Being a juvenile would actually explain this bird's size and behaviour. MYSTERY SOLVED!


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