Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Australian Wood Duck Chenonetta jubata

Photo taken 20th August 2012
The Australian Wood Ducks in Tenterfield are mostly found along the Tenterfield Creek. They can be found roosting in the Tenterfield Showgrounds area of the creek itself. They are the most common duck in Tenterfield, and the most common large bird flying during the early mornings and late afternoon and just after dark.

During the late afternoon Australian Wood Ducks can be seen sometimes on the edge of the road near the Tenterfield Creek searching for food. They are more commonly spotted in open fields and in the Tenterfield Creek itself.

This particular species is sighted in small groups during the day but roost together in much larger numbers. Their breeding season is much earlier in the year, in Summer I think, and they often have more than 2 chicks per pair of mating ducks.

It is difficult to get physically close to these ducks. The closest I have got to them is about 60 feet before they fly away as they are easily spooked.


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