Sunday, August 5, 2012

Red Wattlebird Anthochaera carunculata

Red Wattlebird call

Yesterday I was surprised to see this bird again. It took me a while to identify the bird but in the videos I have of this bird I believe it to be a Red Wattlebird.

The video below was taken around 4:45pm close to sunset. There were many birds in my neighbour's back yard, this bird being one of them. To identify the Red Wattlebird's call from all the other bird calls in this video, listen for the loudest yet shortest calls. The bird spends most of its time preening itself in the video then getting annoyed, perhaps, by the Eastern Rosellas.


  1. These guys are really common in Melbourne, even in suburbs. Wish I could see more eastern rosellas, though.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Anonymous. Yeah, me too. I've only ever seen 2 Eastern Rosellas in Tenterfield this year. Don't know where they are right now and haven't seen them for a few weeks now. There's only 3 Red Wattlebirds in Tenterfield as far as I can tell. 2 adults and one young bird. Don't know where the adults are right now either. I think the juvenile may have recently found itself a mate and is nesting but am not 100% certain on that right now.

      I hope this site is useful to you to some degree.


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