Thursday, August 30, 2012

Is this a Jacky Winter? - NOW IDENTIFIED

Photo taken on 20 August 2012.
Whilst at my neighbour Carol's place I heard a bird hopping across lower tree branches. I could not actually see the bird itself as it kept moving out of view. But I took this photo believing I did not capture the bird in question. I just aimed roughly where I believed the bird was and took a single photo. After this photo was taken the noise stopped and I didn't hear the bird moving again. Was it gone? More than likely it flew off without me knowing about it.

When viewing the photo on my computer it actually took me a while to see the bird in this photo as I did not know what I was looking at - bird wise. Once I saw this bird in the picture I took on my pc I actually cropped the photo to make the bird more noticable in the image.

This bird was very elusive and shy but made quite a noise jumping from tree branch to tree branch, which was what originally caught my attention.

Doing a bit of Google searching on Jacky Winter images, it appears I may have photographed a Jacky Winter in my neighbour's garden. But I am still not satisfied that it is a Jacky Winter. It may be a juvenile bird or a completely different bird altogether.

This month (August) I have seen and heard some pretty birds that I have yet to identify. I only have one photo of this possible Jacky Winter. I have no idea how large it was, but going by the sounds of it's movements in the tree branches it sounded bigger than a finch, possibly as large as a Magpie Lark or bigger. But that is just assuming. Until I see this bird again I will not know for certain what it is.

FOOTNOTE - 31 OCTOBER 2012: This bird is actually a Grey Shrike-thrush that has not reached full maturity yet. It reached breeding maturity this Spring, so is probably about 2 years of age right now.


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