Thursday, August 30, 2012

Common Starling or Myna?

Photo taken 29 August 2012, Rouse Street.
I do know there are Common Starlings in Tenterfield, and have heard that Common Mynas exist in the Tenterfield area as well.

Going on the under side of this bird (in the photo) it is going to be a difficult to identify this bird but not impossible.

This bird was photographed next to the old Pederby House on the footpath on Rouse Street, at the top of the power pole.

Some birds, like this one, just don't allow you to get close up photos of them.

Identifying birds is tricky business but there are not many birds in Tenterfield that look like this nor are about the size of a fat Common Starling as this bird is. Personally I think it is a Common Starling but I could be wrong.


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