Thursday, November 1, 2012

UPDATE: What is the Grey Shrike-thrush thinking?

This male Grey Shrike-thrush, if it is a male, does not seem to know what it is doing. The new (number two) mate he found has also left, obviously did not like his territory/chosen nesting site. These birds are supposed to bond for life but as the male is still so young and has not mated yet, finding the right mate who likes his chosen nesting site is going to be extremely hard in this instance. Two potential mates have already turned his nesting site down. I really thought he was going to mate with his first mate as they seemed very close to each other.

It might be worthwhile to put up some artificial nesting boxes somewhere. This may actually help the Grey Shrike-thrush to secure a mate better. But where to put the nesting box is another story. There is obviously not enough tree spaces to nest in, in the area.

I might look into pricing nesting boxes from the local Pet Store in the next few days and go from there. Maybe I can even get some for the Eastern Rosellas as well as some of the other bird species in the area.


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