Thursday, November 15, 2012

Even less species in Tenterfield now

I was going to write a post about the Red Wattlebird chick had gone missing the other day but yesterday I saw it in my wattle tree with one of it's parents. I hadn't seen the chick for more than a week but apparently it is still here. The Magpies are still feeding their chicks but I still have not seen the second chick, which is a male. I believe it may have been hit by a car and it cannot fly.

This week has seen some species come and go. The species that I thought was a Grey Shrike-thrush has disappeared. The actual Grey Shrike-thrush male has disappeared - I'm guessing it took off with the last female he found.

There have been another species which I could not visually identify that I've heard around here, that has been here for about 2 months. Unless it is the Grey Shrike-thrush again making even different calls, I'm at a loss to what it could be. This species has also left. It left after the last lot of rain fell.

The Australian King Parrots finally left town as they ate their way through all the wattle seeds they could find. The King Parrots left only a few seeds pods on my wattle tree, and it looks like I might get one wattle seed this year. I plan on germinating that one seed as it is from a wattle tree that it mutating. The King Parrots did not hang around town waiting for the other species of wattle trees to develop seed. What the King Parrots left the Little Corellas are eating.

There are still Eastern Spinebills around, and I believe their chick is still doing well, but apart from the Red Wattlebirds I have not seen any other honeyeaters for about a month.

There was a visiting Eastern Koel (Pacific Koel) heard during about 2 weeks prior to yesterday but it too has left. The only type of parrot around is the Eastern Rosella only because a pair of them decided to breed in one of Carol's gum trees. All other parrots/rosellas/lorikeets have left town. The smaller black birds like the Starlings, blackbirds and mynas have also appeared to have left or are in such small numbers now that they had to observe and record their numbers. There have been a few sightings of some sort of swifts/swallows/woodswallows about town but it is normally only one or two birds sighted each time.

In this post I'm going to add a 29 minute video that I took, to give you an idea of what birds are still in Tenterfield, to the south-west area anyway. Other birds not heard in this video that are still here are the Australian Magpies and Eastern Spinebills and the White-faced Heron.


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