Sunday, November 25, 2012

MP3 audio files to be added soon

It is exceptionally hard for me to figure out how to create mp3s from video files and then add them to my blog. For me it is like trying to solve a puzzle. As long as the puzzle isn't too hard I can solve it eventually. The other day I came across a website that converts videos to mp3s. I tried it and it works. The website is

So, with the few newly create mp3 files I have (from videos I have of bird sounds) I'm now going to see if I can add them to an mp3 player I have found on another site. Of course, my next step is to add the mp3 files to my Mediafire account so I can get a direct link url for them. Then I add that url to the mp3 player code and it should then play the mp3 file. In theory it should work. If I can get it all up and running, and the mp3 player works then I'll be upgrading the bird calls studies pages with actual mp3 files.

You see, whilst adding information about birds is one thing and videos another thing, the Yahoo Media Player is having trouble loading videos, and my blog is starting to take too long to load now. I need to simplify things so my blog loads quicker and every video works properly.

With, if all goes to plan, mp3 files to listen to I believe this site would be of greater benefit to people everywhere, as well as for myself. At times I am totally unorganized and knowing that I have a tonne of bird calls videos to add to this site, I procrastinate because the whole job is overwhelming me to complete it. Its not a simple matter of adding a few videos, mp3 files, photos or posts about birds every now and then. It all needs to be added on a daily basis. I just can't keep up with all the information I collect on a daily basis about birds. There's just too much information!

The biggest collection I have is of bird calls that I recorded myself here in Tenterfield. Photos not so much. Video recordings of bird sightings I have a lot of which is usually accompanied by their sounds. Putting everything I have onto this blog is going to be time consuming, time, in which I need to find how to make a 24 hour day longer.

If all goes well, please check out the bird calls pages in the next few days to see the relevant changes, and to listen to the new mp3 files. I think I'm having a bad year for writing 'cause all my words are coming out poorly written.


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