Saturday, October 27, 2012

UPDATE: Grey Shrike-thrush has left the area

A few days ago the remaining Grey Shrike-thrush was last heard calling from a gum tree in the Tenterfield Creek, and has not been heard from since. I guess birds can only take so much before they leave, and I believe this bird left to find a new mate. I guess it wanted to mate, lay eggs, etc but didn't successfully do that here. A lot of factors may have been taken into consideration, including a bird-chasing dog; the barking of a dog next to the nest; too close proximity of nest to humans; and a very nervous mate. An appropriate natural nesting site probably would've been preferred over an artificial one as well but obviously none were available.

With a lack of natural nesting sites available, and the other factors taken into consideration, the birds obviously had no choice but to move on. Well, that's what I originally thought. Today I heard the bird again from about 5PM onward. It obviously travels a bit around the place to locate another mate then comes back home to rest for a while.

Going on this one fact alone, I would say this Grey Shrike-thrush has made this area it's home, and as such has a territory. It is good to still hear it about the place but only time and experience will tell if it successfully raises a family here.


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