Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Black Swan Cygnus atratus

A sighting that I heard and saw between 5 and 12 Black Swans flying overhead yesterday was extremely rare. I was walking home from the shops with my daughter and my brother. We were on Francis Street heading toward Douglas Street behind the ST. Joseph's Primary School at the time of this sighting. The swans were flying from the Tenterfield Dam in a north-west direction just after the sun had set and was getting really dark. They were hooting as they were flying. They were flying at a low altitude, perhaps 3-5 power poles in height from the ground. It is extremely rare to see swans in Tenterfield unless you go to the Tenterfield Dam. The only times you will see a swan in Tenterfield itself is if they are flying overhead in a north-west or south-east direction. Apparently in northern Australia, outside the breeding season (June-January of each year) Black Swans fly great distances in flocks after dark.

I tried getting a video recording of the swans but my camera was too slow to start up.


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