Sunday, October 28, 2012


For years now there has been a Peacock in Tenterfield somewhere. I am not exactly sure where it is or if it someone's pet, but it does sound like it is either in the Tenterfield Park area or on neighbouring property to that location. I have only ever heard one Peacock calling out, somewhere directly behind Seven Knights' Service Station - on the east side of Rouse Street, one (or two at the most) blocks back from the main road and slightly to the right. This puts it right in the vicinity of the Tenterfield Park area. Yet, I have been to the Tenterfield Park many times and have never seen or heard a Peacock there.

The peacock is not heard calling for most of the year. It is only heard during breeding season which is Spring here in Tenterfield. I have tried getting an audio recording of this bird's call from my place but my camera and mobile phones don't pick it up. I'm roughly 2kms away from the bird!

For the passed few days this Peacock has been consistently calling out to attract a mate. This has been happening from about lunch time onward until just after dark each day. One day I will track the location of this Peacock down when it is calling out and take photos and audio recordings of it. It's got to be here somewhere.

My neighbour's friend at Drake actually has Peacocks and having observed those ones I have learnt Peacocks can actually fly. They roost at the top or near the top of very tall trees each night. I've actually seen a male Peacock fly up into a tree with it's full tail feathers and all. It is a surprising sight to see. Peacocks cannot consistently fly like other birds can. They can only fly short distances before they begin to lose altitude and gravity sets in.

The exact species of this Peacock is unknown and won't be known until I photograph it.


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