Sunday, June 10, 2012

Masked Owl passing through Tenterfield May 2012

An amusing but cold May night came the presence of a noctural bird to my part of Tenterfield. It was heard for the best part of a month every night between the hours of 10:30PM to 1AM. The owl seemed to fly in from the north, settled into a tree, screeched for about 5-15 minutes, then moved on heading south further.

My brother first alerted me to this bird's call as he did not recognise the sound. It was heard around midnight this particular night. It was quite amusing listening to the bird as it screeched and it's voice echoed across Tenterfield. Many dogs across Tenterfield were barking because of this owl.

I taped the incident on my mobile phone but the sound quality is really poor. My apologies for that and all the talking at the end of the video. You can faintly hear the Masked Owl screech amongst the background noise of barking dogs.

I'm hoping to get a better quality recording of this owl next time I hear it in my area.

The only other recording I have of a Masked Owl is this one:

Masked Owl in Tenterfield again - 25 July 2012


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