Monday, June 11, 2012

The Australian White Ibis who only wants bread

Taken: Thursday, 10 May 2012, 3:29:48 PM

This little fellow frequently visits the front lawn area looking for food scraps during the autumn and winter months, specifically looking for bread. It never finds any though. I often have to slowly scare it back across the road in fear it will get hit by passing cars and to generally keep it away from people. Over time it has become an opportunistic feeder but the bird adapts and learns quickly in my presence and moves on quickly when no human food is given to it.

The Australian White Ibis has to be my favourite Tenterfield bird. It is a very smart but cheeky bird, and is quick on it's feet when getting food. It is usually seen alone during parts of the year. Around Winter/Spring it will be seen with it's mate as breeding season approaches. Mind you, I've yet to see babies of this bird species in Tenterfield although obvious mating pairs are formed each year.

This particular bird in the photo is a male and I have seen him for several years here, as he is the only Australian White Ibis who seeks food from me. He has brought with him, once or twice, his mate and another Australian White Ibis with him. That has since stopped.


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