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This Page was created on Saturday, 11th August 2012.

Where is Tenterfield?
This page explains where Tenterfield is and is accompanied by a Google map of the area.
About this site
On this page I will endeavour to explain what this site is about and what it's purpose is.
This page a main page and is where I have listed all the non-direct subjects about the bird species in Tenterfield. Subjects covered include Rare bird sightings; The Bird Video List; Photos; What bird eats what?; Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring Bird Activity; and much more.
The complete bird list
This page displays all the birds that actually exist in Tenterfield. It was created from researching species that inhabit/visit the Tenterfield Shire area using lists from several sources. I have created a blue list which I have already positively identified those species. This page is an ongoing edited page. Each blue link takes you to a main post for that species.
Conservation status
On this page I write up my own status for the birds of Tenterfield, and state if any birds are no longer in the area. After each species I write a note about my own observations of that species.
Annual bird call studies
The Annual bird call studies is an ongoing research project in which I will endeavour to record the songs of different bird species throughout a 12 month period. By recording these various sounds it will be of great benefit to not just myself in identifying which species is in the immediate area but other bird enthusiasts who are having trouble identifying bird species by their calls alone.
Breeding Seasons
A main page where I write up the breeding seasons of all the birds I have information on. At the bottom of the list I will write up which months juvenile birds are sighted after they have left the nest.
This page is a main page for displaying a host of new images for each species. A bird name at the bottom of this page, when clicked on, will take you to the photo gallery for that species.
The Bird Videos List
A wide selection of videos of the local birdlife. This is also a main page. Click on the name of the bird that you want to view videos of. You will then be directed to a corresponding page where all the videos for that species are displayed in link format. Each video link when clicked on will then be displayed in the Yahoo media Player popout at the bottom left corner of this site. I am still trying to get better quality videos of the local birds.
This is a main page which discusses how birds respond to human transportation and whether birds learn from experience. Many posts will be added to this section under different categories. Some will include "Birds vs windows", "Birds swooping traffic", and more.
This is the first page of many which displays all the different types of feathers located in Tenterfield.
Tenterfield's changing seasons and weather
This is the main page for this category. I will list topics that make life harder than normal for the bird life of Tenterfield, including how birds are affected by flooding, drought, etc, as well as discuss changes to the seasons and plant life thoughout the different seasons.
Habitat of Tenterfield - NOT AVAILABLE YET
This is a main page for topics about the unique habitat of Tenterfield. I will list other things as well including changes to the habitat caused by various natural disasters and freak weather patterns.
Bird Conservation areas - NOT AVAILABLE YET
The main page for listing Conservation areas dedicated to protecting bird life in Tenterfield. Details about each area will be written on separate pages and will be accompanied by other information and photos.
Bird Watching in Tenterfield
I write about the best places and times to see various bird species in Tenterfield throughout the course of the year.
Tenterfield Creek - NOT AVAILABLE YET
This is a main page. I write about everything there is to know about the Tenterfield Creek and include lots of photos of each section. I discuss the changes to the creek over the years due to flooding, weed distribution, erosion, flora loss, and disturbances to it's ecosystem by human and domesticated animals.
Local Backyards/Gardens
A main page to display photos of backyards/gardens in Tenterfield where I record bird sightings, videos and photos.
A page that explains reasons why it is important to help identify and locate all the birds in Tenterfield and why I need help with this site adding content to it.
Report a bird sighting
A page dedicated to any visitors who have been to or live in Tenterfield who want to add their own sightings of birds, along with their own photos - as a comment.
This page displays some nice images of landscapes that can be seen within Tenterfield. It is really hard to make Tenterfield look nice but I'm trying.
A page listing the indigineous plant life of Tenterfield that is used by the local bird species not only for food but also for nesting and protection from other animal species.
Fauna non-birds
This page will help identify all the other animal species in the immediate area of Tenterfield. It is useful information to help identify if any of the species listed is eaten by the local birdlife.
A Frequently Asked Questions page dedicated to any concerns about using this site, along with anything about birds that may arise over a period of time.
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