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So you've clicked on the SEARCH HELP link and are now wondering what it is all for. I've put a lot of thought into how I'm going to display everything on this site, and I thought I'd try to make this page as helpful as possible for you. I am sure that when you visit my blog you want to find all the information available for any given species that you are looking for. The information below will assist you with that search.

For every bird species that I add to this site I have added information about the species (general and otherwise), photos, videos and audio song recordings. Audio song recordings are still in video format at this point in time.

Let's say you want to find audio song recordings of the Red Wattlebird (for example). To find the section for those recordings simply click on the yellow "Bird calls" tab below (in the multicoloured tabs section below the "Search help" link). When the page loads click on the text for "Red Wattlebird" and you will be taken to the page with all the recordings for that species. By clicking on one of those links a popout media player (bottom left hand corner) will then begin playing the video link you clicked on. You can also scroll down the blog and find the widget that says "Annual bird calls studies" (in the left hand column) and click on any of the links there.

If you would like to find information about any bird species on this site, then simply click on the name of the species (e.g. Australian Magpie) in the "Species Categories" widget in the right hand column. All posts about that species will then be displayed for you. A few of the first posts added to this blog have information which I edited and changed but can be found on many different bird websites. The rest of the posts contains information from my own observations of those species.

If you want to find something specific about a particular species (e.g. When do Crested Pigeons actually breed in Tenterfield) then locate the tag of your choice (e.g. "breeding information") in the "Other Categories" widget also in the right hand column. You can also click on the purple "Breeding seasons" tab link in the multicoloured tabs section. Specific breeding dates have not been determined just yet for all species in Tenterfield.

I've tried to keep everything simple on this site and I am still trying to properly organise and write everything, especially the videos that are on this site.

All Videos on this site are currently in 3 different places right now:

1. In individual posts about a particular species, always categorised under the "Video posts" tag;
2. In "The Bird Video List" section - each species has it's own page and all videos in this section are in link format on those corresponding pages; and
3. In the "Annual bird calls studies" section. The reference to "Annual bird calls studies" and "Bird calls" sections are the exact same pages on this site. I have not yet chosen a proper name for the tabs and links on this site, hence the 2 different names.

So, if you cannot find enough bird call recordings, for example, of a particular species, try looking in the other 2 sections listed above.

Other information can be found about the birdlife of Tenterfield by clicking on the various multicoloured and left sidebar tab links. I am trying to add a wide variety of options to this site, like: where to locate specific birds in Tenterfield; what each species habitat is like; when they actually breed; what birds can actually be found in Tenterfield itself; if certain species delay breeding at all; if some birds are sterile; what people's gardens are like; what the Tenterfield Creek is like; and much more.

By searching these other tab links you will find a wide variety of indirect bird related information. Everything on this site is directly or indirectly related to the birdlife of Tenterfield and all the species found herewithin. I mention nothing about the bird sightings I see or hear outside of the Tenterfield township on this site.

In the footer I have created a gallery of the main sections on this site. The 5th one (far right) is not in use just yet. It is just filling a gap.

You can, of course, use the search bar option at the very top of this site, just for the heck of it. I hope this has helped you to search my site more efficiently and helps you to locate what you are searching for. Don't worry if you can't find what you're looking for straight away. You will find something (hopefully) sooner or later, if you didn't understand my instructions above. Searching this site will only get easier in the future.

Good luck and enjoy the site and information, videos and photos!
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