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Breeding Seasons

As confusing as it is to keep track of every species in Tenterfield, the information on each species breeding season is either currently unknown or scattered throughout the many posts I've written up thus far. In an attempt to simplify things I need to keep a record of when all species breed. This will help me to identify when I should start seeing juveniles - if a species breeds at all and will help me to understand why some species are absent yet still rarely sighted during certain times of the year. The following is a list of the species I have information on so far. This page will be edited over time.

Firstly the Red Wattlebirds, I've noticed, are breeding every 6 weeks here in Tenterfield. They start breeding at the young age of just 6 weeks old. I'm not including the Red Wattlebird in the main list as I'm still studying if they breed all year round.

>> Australian Wood Duck: after the rain but always sometime in summer (in Tenterfield)
Double-barred Finch: after the rain

>> Black Swan: February to April (they migrate south to breed, but don't breed here in Tenterfield as far as I know)
Australian White Ibis: February to May, but given the right conditions - any time of the year
Galah: February to July (in the north)

>> House Sparrow: April to August but have bred in Summer here
Masked Owl: April to November

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo: June to August

>> Australian King Parrot: January to ? (in Tenterfield they start nesting/forming pairs - if single - in January then disappear from the area until some time later)
Pied Currawong: July to January
Grey Butcherbird: July to January
Magpie Lark: July to January
Yellow-faced Honeyeater: July to March
Noisy Miner: July to November but can breed all year long
Willy Wagtail: July to December or after the rain in drier areas

Masked Lapwing: September to November (in Tenterfield 2012)
Pied Butcherbird: varied - generally August to December
Eastern Rosella: Late October to November (in Tenterfield 2012)
>> Eastern Spinebill: September to late early November (in Tenterfield 2012 this seems very variable and depends upon the individuals. They have bred up to January 2013 as well with chicks still in nest near end of January 2013.)
Regent Honeyeater: August to January
Welcome Swallow: August to February
Australasian Grebe: August to March
Restless Flycatcher: August to March (in the north)

Australian Magpie: usually September to October (in Tenterfield 2012 depending upon the weather and if nothing disturbs their breeding cycle)
Laughing Kookaburra: September to January (in Tenterfield)
Common Starling: September to February
Crimson Rosella: September to February
Satin Bowerbird: September to February
>> Torresian Crow: September to February (that's the entire nesting and raising of chicks period)
Common Myna: September to March
Pacific (Eastern) Koel: September to March
>> Crested Pigeon: usually September to November (in Tenterfield 2012 - if unsuccessful they will try again straight away.)
Superb Fairy Wren: September to March
>> White-faced Heron: September to December (in Tenterfield 2012 - that's the entire nesting and raising of chicks period)

>> Grey Fantail: October to December
Red-browed Finch: October to April

Australasian Darter: December to May

New Holland Honeyeater: (March-May) Autumn and (September-November) Spring mainly but can breed any time.
Weebill: varied - generally July and May of each year
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo: variable.

Juveniles sighted after breeding has occurred (and in order of sighted first) - by month:
February: Eastern Spinebills again;
October: Eastern Spinebill;

November: Australian Magpie (fledged but not sighted for several weeks afterward); Red Wattlebird (fledged but not sighted for a week or two afterward);  Torresian Crow (audio only of hatched chicks still in nest as at 6/11/2012);

December: Red Wattlebird;

This page was updated on Tuesday, the 12th of January 2013.
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