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Annual bird call studies


PLEASE NOTE: This section of my site is currently being reorganised and the appropriate corresponding pages to be set up does take time. Please be patient whilst content is added to this and their corresponding pages. It is extremely difficult for me to categorize specific videos I record of birds because sometimes I can record both the bird and their sounds in one recording. Other times I can hear the bird but cannot see them, but as other birds are recorded in the video it helps to know if one of the other birds may be disturbing the bird/s in question as to why they might be making that sound in the first place.

As a result many audio/sightings videos that I have recorded have been added to posts about individual bird species (for example the White-plumed Honeyeater). They can be found easily by clicking on the "Video Posts" tag in the "Other Categories" widget (right hand column). Other audio/visual sightings of birds can be found in the "The Bird Video List" section.

The Annual bird call studies is an ongoing research project of mine in which I will endeavour to record the songs of different bird species throughout a 12 month period. All recordings on this site are entirely of the local birds here in Tenterfield, New South Wales, Australia, and recorded entirely by myself. Recordings taken on my digital camera and mobile phone - both in video format - will occur on a frequent basis, often several times a week. However, they will mostly be from my digital camera as it represents/records a true audio sound to what I actually hear in real life with my own ears. Recordings being added to this site will occur when new songs are heard that I am not familiar with. In time I will add mp3 audio files of just their sounds - when I have figured out how to add them to the or to a media player/mp3 player. I am still uncertain at this point in time as to how to display mp3 fiiles on my blog.

Each recording will have notes below it to state what particular activity or behaviour was observed - if any - at the time. If no visual observations were sighted then no notes will be added to a recording.

This research project is a necessary work in order to understand each species I have thus far identified in Tenterfield. Their vocalization, as well as their behaviour, helps us to understand not only how they cope with life and the changing weather patterns but also how they adapt to (and mingle with) - if any - other bird species.

With the ongoing annual changes of a bird's call I can also identify if a particular species is altering it's/their vocalizations, and will try to identify the cause, if possible. I am also able to identify when a new species is heard or a migratory species returns to Tenterfield.

By recording these various sounds it will be of great benefit to not just myself in identifying which species is in the immediate area but other bird enthusiasts who are having trouble identifying bird species by their calls alone. By having a vast selection of bird calls from just one species will definately be useful to bird watchers all across Australia and beyond our southern shores, albeit limited to a small list of species. In time other species will be added to my research list and will be made available in due course.

So far, from the list below, only those species written in red text have a corresponding page with audio recordings of their songs. The others are not available just yet. Not all bird species of Tenterfield are represented in this list as I am only one person and have no-one helping me with the audio recordings to date.

Below is the current list of bird species which I am working on at getting regular sound recordings of: This list may alter at any given time with more species being added or those species with no corresponding pages (black text) may be removed. Any species written up in red text will remain on this list no matter what, and their audio songs will be available to everyone 365 days of the year.


Click on the species (in red text) you want to hear songs of, and you will be taken to that corresponding page.

Australian King Parrot
Australian Magpie
Crested Pigeon
Double-barred Finch
Eastern Rosella - MP3 files available
Eastern Spinebill
Grey Shrike-thrush
Pied Currawong
Rainbow Lorikeet
Red-browed Finch
Red Wattlebird - MP3 files available
Restless Flycatcher
Satin Bowerbird
Superb Fairy-Wren - MP3 files available
Torresian Crow

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