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Birds of Tenterfield, NSW, Australia aims to provide the best source of information about the local birdlife on the web. Here you will find all the bird species in Tenterfield, news about their sightings and behaviour, multimedia recordings, annual bird studies, information about the local fauna and flora, the Tenterfield Creek and lots of photos of each bird species. All of the bird videos from my Youtube channel appear on this site (often the same day I uploaded them to Youtube), along with further content produced exclusively for online. For unrivalled information, accessibility and insights into the information about birds of Tenterfield news that you really want to know about, bookmark Birds of Tenterfield, NSW, Australia today.

Significance of Birds of Tenterfield, NSW, Australia annual studies
Over time the annual bird statistics changes with birds leaving and other residential birds species coming back to Tenterfield. It is important to recognise these changes as a part of the natural cycle of adapting to the harsh life of living with a drought. Drought affects the local fauna and flora in ways that humans could not possibly even begin to imagine. However, the never ending cycle of drought Tenterfield is currently experiencing is doing more damage to the fauna and flora than mankind could ever do alone. Studying the changes in bird behaviour, their breeding cycle, and their need to migrate elsewhere is important in order to understand how birds cope, but where the birds migrate to if they don't go overseas is still unknown.

The annual studies I will undertake will also help to identify each species by the sounds they make throughout the course of a full year. By recording these sounds it will help others who are also trying to identify a specific bird species.

The Tenterfield Creek runs through the township of Tenterfield and separates the town in two when a severe flood happens. The Tenterfield Creek is the life line for the local birds as it contains food, some nesting sites and protection from predators. To the south-east of the main CBD lays the Tenterfield Park which was patially replanted with native vegetation and artificial bird nests for a Landcare project. Heavily researched in the past by previous researchers for bird species in the area, the Birds of Tenterfield, NSW, Australia is an ongoing identification and study site that takes note of all the changes to the environment, weather and fauna of the immediate area within Tenterfield.

The dominant bird species in Tenterfield is the Australian Magpie, Magpie Lark, Masked Lapwing, Torresian Crow, Australian Wood Duck and Willy Wagtail, amongst a few other smaller bird species. These are the species that remain in Tenterfield despite the changing status of the drought Tenterfield is experiencing over the years.

The nearby Tenterfield Dam contains the only known location (within Tenterfield) of Black Swans and Pelicans that I am aware of.

The Tenterfield Creek area provides nesting and feeding habitat for a number of waterbird species. Flocks of up to 50 (or more) Australian Wood Ducks occur all year round and all are resident in the area. The area also supports several species of Egret/Heron which do not breed in the immediate area.

The riparian habitat of the Tenterfield Creek is in poor condition and represent ecosystems that have been mostly cleared of most vegetation by the recent flood and the Tenterfield Shire Council. No serious or long-term replantings of the riparian habitat that will cause significant improvement to the Tenterfield Creek are underway or proposed for the near future.

The Regent Honeyeater (Anthochaera phrygia) is a critically endangered species which has been sighted in Tenterfield in breeding pairs. They migrate elsewhere for half of the year then return usually in late Spring/early Summer. No photos or videos have yet been taken of these birds, however, they do seen to enjoy eating nectar from an introduced flower called the "Red Hot Poker".

During 2012 over 20 bird species has been identified thus far in the township of Tenterfield. A Flora species count will be studied in the not too distant future. Ongoing bird surveys are planned for 2012 onwards.

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