Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Annual Studies - Grey Shrike-thrush sounds

The main gender of these mp3 audio files is of one particular local male Grey Shrike-thrush. He grew up in the immediate vicinity and made this area his home. It took him 3 tries before he got it right with a female. He only came into breeding age this year and had a lot to learn. He is now a father of 2 children.

The typical call of a Grey Shrike-thrush (male). You can usually identify this species by this typical call sound.

8 October 2012 - The first phase of a male's mating call. It's call is calm but persistent.

8 October 2012 - The male successfully attracts his very first female in hope to breed with her in his chosen area. The female first calls out followed by the male. The male is the loudest bird in this audio clip.

8 October 2012 - The female goes quiet moments later so he begins calling out to her again.

9 October 2012 - The male trying to lure a female to the area of his choice. The female was interested in him but wouldn't come any closer to where he was.

9 October 2012 - Failing to keep the female's interest later that day the male begins to call out to attract another female. This time he has changed his call.


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